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Old School Design Idea: 99% of the Population are Zero Level Characters

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I have been thinking about my next game design and after much thought, I've designed I would like to take 0e and "redesign" it with some different assumptions.

The first of these different assumptions will actually be more like what the original designers probably expected. The game will be based on the idea that at least 99% of the population are 0 level characters who have 6 hit points or less. For example, normal humans will have a negative combat bonus and a saving throw of 20. Here's what I'm current thinking:

Level  Hit Points  CB  ST   WpnD    Talent
Child   1 hp       -3  20   1       -
Youth   2 hps      -2  20   1d2     1 talent (1 Good at)
Adult   3 hps      -1  20   1d3     2 talents (or 1 Expert at)
Master  3 hps      -1  20   1d3     3 talents (or 1 Master at 
                                               or 1 Expert at and 1 Good at)

While those with combat training will look something like this:

Level  Hit Points  CB  ST   WpnD    Talent
Milita  4 hps       0  20   1d3     1 talent
NCO     5 hps      +1  20   1d4     2 talents
Officer 5 hps      +2  20   1d4     2 talents
Cmdr    6 hps      +2  20   1d4     3 talents

where CB is Combat Bonus, ST is saving throw, WpnD is the damage they do in combat with any weapon, and Talents is the mundane skills they have.

This means a 1st level fighter with (as currently planned) hit points of 1d6+8 and a CB of +3, a ST of 16, and a WpnD of 1d6+3 is already head and shoulders above a trained and experienced human warrior, let alone a normal farmer or merchant.

Let's look at what this means with regard to monsters. A normal human only has a 5% chance of making a saving throw, this means that monsters with special abilities are truely a terror to the normal population. A first level fighter will have a 25% chance of making their save which is five times better than the vast majority of the population. Most 1 hit die monsters will do at least 1d6+1 damage which means they do more damage than even a trained and experienced normal warrior. The least healthly first level fighter will have 9 hit points, that is 50% more than the most experienced normal human with combat training and 3 times the amount the average adult has.

First level characters in this game will not be that much more powerful that first level characters in most OSR games, but because you will not normally have leveled characters as blacksmiths, innkeepers or villiage guardsmen, they are effectively (and noticeably) more powerful in the world. This means the 4th level fighters will truly be the heroes and 8th level fighters will truly be the superheroes that they were originally called in 0e.