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Need Help Finding A Specific Old Magazine "Intro to RPGs" Article

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I remember reading an "intro to RPGs" type article in an old gaming magazine (probably early 1980s) which introduced concepts of RPGs by describing a fictitious RPG that was sort of a Science Fiction/Science Fantasy version of D&D: D&D-like classes (including magic-users) but in a high-tech Traveller-like game. I first thought was that this was in a more general gaming magazine like Gameplay, Game News, etc.. However, I've flipped through my copies this weekend and haven't been able to find any such article. I don't know if that's because I simply missed it or because I wasn't looking in the right magazine. Does anyone else remember this article -- and what magazine it was in? I have more magazines than I have time.

Why am I trying to find this article? Several people have asked me if I would consider doing a science fantasy version of Microlite74 or Microlite81. I think White Star has triggered a lot of interest in such games. In fact, I've been specifically asked to to a "Microlite White Star". I really don't want to do that -- for several reasons. The primary reason is that while I like White Star, I do not like the the classes in White Star. I'd prefer more general classes with backgrounds and I really don't like the obvious focus on Star Wars in the class design. On the other hand, I've always though the setup of the fictitious RPG from the above mentioned article was a great idea for a science fantasy 0e or B/X style game.

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baronzemo said...
July 29, 2015 at 8:26 PM  

Good luck. I had the same thought some years back and I still can't find what you and I remember. If you do find it PLEASE let me know!!

grodog said...
July 30, 2015 at 2:02 AM  


You might check in Different Worlds, sounds like the kind of article they might have published.


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