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New Microlite20 Web Site: Microlite20.org

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Microlite20 logoAs the official Microlite20 website (microlite20.net) has a history of disappearing or being non-functional for various (often long) periods of time, I have created a new (and very unofficial) home for Microlite20 (and all its variants): Microlite20.org.

At the moment, Microlite20.org is a small one page site that briefly explains what Microlite20 is, how to download a copy, how to find the library of supplements and variants, and how to find the Microlite20 group on Facebook. While not a lot, it does provide all the important info in one place that should soon be easy to find via Google. Microlite20.org is a Wordpress site so it should be easy to build up into a real site -- like Microlite20 used to have. It will probably even see the return of a Microlite20 fan forum in the future. Note that I have discussed this new unofficial Microlite20 home page with Seth Drebitko and he has no objections to the project.

Please pass the word to Microlite20 fans that a new unofficial home page for Microlite20 and its many variants is up and should remain up for a long time judging my my track record with other pages I maintain. The address is http://microlite20.org/.


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