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Post Funeral Update: Sunday Game, Microlite78, and New Microlite74 ebooks

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Microlite78 mockup coverThings have been moving since I last posted. I'm still in Garland and, except for some quick trips back to Waco, I will be for the forseeable future. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the house my wife's mom lived it before it could be sold. A lot of fondation work had to be done a few years ago. Unfortunately, her mom put off things like replacing flooring, painting, and other repairs to things that were damaged either because of the foundation problems or during the repairs (installing some 20 piers). All of this will have to be done before the house could go on the market. Also, going through her things will take weeks by itself. I expect one or both of us will be here 3-4 days out of every week for the next 3-4 months.

This means the end of my Sunday Game -- at least as it is running now. One of the players has volunteered to copy my materials and try to continue it until my schedule is able to take it back. This is a good thing. I'll be back in Waco this week and will get the needed material to him. With luck, they'll be able to resume the campaign next weekend.

I had hoped to get a lot of work on Microlite81 and Microlite78 done over the last week -- as I had little to do for hours at a stretch. Unfortunately, I left the DVD with all my files backed up on my computer desk back in Waco, so there wasn't much I could do other than think about things. Donations for Microlite78 project really dropped off when my wife's mom died and I quit posting to this blog, message boards, etc. The deadline will be extended, of course, and once I bring up our computers this week, I'll have all my files. Work will then resume. Any chance of getting Microlite81 Complete to release candidate stage this month are likely gone, however. The new edition of the Microlite20 Collection will also be delayed to sometime in May.

Speaking of donations, it looks like we hit the $300 mark yesterday. I'll do a drawing and mail out items to lucky winners sometime this week (see Microlite78 Sponsorship/RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive Giveaway Items for more info or to donate). I can't say when as I don't yet know which days I will be in Waco. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

There is some really good news on the Microlite74 front. Shortly after all this happened, I received an email from Andy Lannan. He sent me a copies of Microlite74 Extended in epub and mobi ebook formats. I just discovered this email this morning, so I haven't had a chance to look at them, but it sounds like Andy did a great job -- even converting tables to jpgs so they would display correctly. Thank you, Andy, for what had to be a complex bit of work. I'll try to get these files uploaded soon. They will be free-to-all to download just like all the other Microlite74 materials.

Finally, I'll like to thank everyone who posted, emailed or called me with their condolences. I appreciated them and my wife was somewhat surprised that so many people she did not really know reached out to her. Thank you one and all.


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