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Lords & Wizards: Ready to Start Writing Initial Draft

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With three sessions of Lords & Wizards based on Swords & Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord (instead of on ACKS), we are definitely back on track. My players are enjoying the campaign again and I'm not pulling my hair out dealing with trying to make the basic ACKS system work as a framework for the rules I was using circa 1978-1982. In fact, everyone is happy enough with the direction we are headed that I feel comfortable enough to start work on a very rough draft of the rules. It will probably start out with OGL text from games like S&W, LL, etc. with the names and serial numbers filed off combined with my own house rules and then morph toward independence in future drafts. Donors and sponsors should soon be seeing draft chapters and other materials. Speaking of donors, my wife is pushing me to give away more of the boxes and boxes of gaming stuff I inherited, so I'll be starting a series of donation drives -- giving stuff away every time a couple of hundred dollars is raised -- instead of setting large goals and giving away material only when that goal is reached. I figure I'll giveaway more stuff that way which will keep my wife happy. More on this tomorrow.


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