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Review TSR Era PDFs in the RetroRoleplaying Forum

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WOTC is releasing TSR era products as PDFs again on DNDClassics/RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. To review these games there, you have to buy a copy there. This helps to prevent fake reviews. However, it also prevents the large number of gamers who already own these products in TSR era hard copies from reviewing them. I've set up boards for reviews and comments on these products on the new RetroRoleplaying Forum (a renamed and redesigned version of the Microlite74 forum). New products threads will be added as my time allows, but I already have most of the Classic D&D (B/X and BECMI) and first edition AD&D releases currently available listed. Please feel free to join the RetroRoleplaying Forum and leave your reviews, comments and experiences with these products for others to read and benefit from. These threads will soon be linked to each products page on the Game Systems area of the RetroRoleplaying web site.


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