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Rob Kuntz has a New Blog!

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Rob Kuntz has a new blog: Lake Geneva Original RPG.

So what are you waiting for? Go see it now, then come back and make a donation to our combined Toys for Tots/Holiday RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund drive.

For the next 2 days (say until 5:59 CST Sunday evening) any money donated to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund will be split 50/50 (after Paypal fees, if any) between Toys for Tots and the cancer fund. Donors will still get full credit for their total donation in chances to win the donor Giveaways I'm giving away in the Holiday Cancer Fund Drive. Only 50% of the donation will count toward donor amount for the high donor OD&D items Todd is giving to the one of the three highest donors. To make this clear, let's say you donate $50 and there are no Paypal fees (as you donated from your Paypal balance), $25 would go to Toys for Tots and $25 to the Retroroleplaying Cancer Fund. You'd get 50 chances in the drawings for the donor giveaway items and $25 of the donation would count towards Todd's "high donor" OD&D item giveaway. To donate and help Toys for Tots, send a donation in any amount -- small or large -- via Paypal before 11:59pm CDT Sunday evening (December 16th).


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