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What Makes You Thankful RPG-Wise?

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It's Thanksgiving Day in the US. Amidst all the cooking, eating, seeing family, eating, watching parades, eating, watching football, and eating, most of us usually manage to find time to be thankful for all the things we have in life. Tabletop RPGs have been a big part of my life since the mid-1970s. Looking back, I'm most thankful for all the friends I've made playing RPGs and the good times we've enjoyed playing them together. I'm also thankful for Gary, Dave, and all the others who created D&D and started this hobby -- and have kept it going all these years. Finally, I'm thankful for all the free RPGs that have been developed and made available over the years.

What makes you thankful RPG-wise?

(And to my fellow American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!)

The Holiday Cancer Fund Drive is on (through December 10 17, 2012). Every dollar donated gives you one chance to win a one of five AD&D items described in the above-linked post. The three highest donors also have a chance at a 4th Printing White Box OD&D set (as described here). These items is in addition to the usual PDF downloads and other benefits of a donation to the RetrpoRoleplaying Cancer Fund. To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills (and to get access to some special downloads and possibly the above mentioned Firecracker items), send a donation in any amount -- small or large -- to me via Paypal. Here's the best news, every dollar donated (to $2500 $3000) which be matched by a local family foundation. Thank you!

As of the time of this post $1013 dollars have been donated. That's 40% of our goal of $2500. Please donate now if you can.


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