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A FASERIP December For Me

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As many long time readers of this blog know, my Sunday campaign usually halts for a few weeks around Christmas and New Years. There's just too much stuff going on to get enough of the group together every Sunday. This year was going to be worse than usual as I was going to lose two players to the Christmas retail season (one is now a manager of a store and the other is going to be selling his wife's handmade Christmas ornaments at various craft shows) and one player to his Church's "Living Advent Calendar" for most of the holiday season. Our last week of play for the year was going to be the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

This morning, however, I was struck by a Marvelous idea. TSR's Advanced Marvel Superheroes came up in a thread on the Microlite74 Forum and lightning stuck my brain. I send out an email to my players suggesting that I run a series of Advanced Marvel Superhero games during the holiday season for whoever was available and showed up. Whoever was there just happened to be the only heroes available to take on whatever supervillain was trying to spoil the holiday season that weekend.

I've already received received from 4 of the 6 available players. Four "yes" replies, so it looks like it will be a FASERIP December for me. I'm somewhat excited I've been running nothing but fantasy games for the past few years. This is a chance to do something different that will not require a lot of setup time. I'm really looking forward to it.


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