Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Magic Item: Bowl of Distraction

Here's a new magic item for just about any version of D&D -- however, it may not be very useful outside of old school campaigns (simply because situations where it might be useful seem to be more common in old school play).

Bowl of Distraction: This bowl resembles other magic bowls. When activated, it creates a full sensory illusion of whatever those who see it want most (generally wonderful food for unintelligent monsters or treasure for more intelligent monsters). It appears to be slowly oozing forth the item in question. This item will automatically distract unintelligent pursuing beings and will distract intelligent pursuing beings unless they save vs magic at -4. 1d3 turns after activating, the bowl will teleport to the person who activated it with 99% accuracy.

My wife suggested this magic item. We have a 16 year old standard dachshund who has gone blind in her old age. After dinner, we put a bowl of leftovers scraped from our plates into a small bowl and put on on the floor in the kitchen to keep her occupied (and not under foot) while we get the other dogs out, clear the table, etc. Donna started calling this the "bowl of distraction." After a week or so of calling it the "bowl of distraction" she laughed at said it sounded like something out of one of my roleplaying games. She's right -- so it is.


  1. Awww.. Now you've got to post a picture of the dachshund. What's her name?

  2. @Joesph: Here's a picture of Haley (on the left and from about 18 months ago). The little Chihuahua mix next to her was Elvis -- a medical foster dog who was expected to live about 3 months but who was with us for just over two years.

  3. Opps, it would help if I actually posted the link ElvisandHaley2.jpg

  4. Adorable! We had an Elvis for a few months, but had to let him go. Now we've got Georgia, a rescue.

    Of course, if we ever get a dachshund, it will be named Schnitzel.


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