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Download and Play D&D4e for Free -- Legally!

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According this a post on the RPGSite from Windjammer, there is an amazing amount of free 4e material on the WOTC web site -- and not behind their paywall. Enough material to play 4e for quite a while -- and without most of the limitations of their basic set. While I'm not a fan of 4e and have little interest in playing it again, I thought the info in Windjammer's post should get wider attention.

With 4E on its way out, I thought it may be helpful to alert people to the sheer amount of free material WotC released for this game over the past year. Basically, they put out all the base classes and quite some canonical monsters on PDFs and released these for free. Throw in the Quick Starter rules PDF and you got a complete game at your hands, and one 'fully up to date' too.

Read the entire post with the links to all the free 4e material you need to play.


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