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Microlite74, Wandering Monsters, Torches, and Gusts of Wind

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The Subtle Shifts in Play over at The Alexandrian made me think about just how much I've assumed people know about old school play in Microlite74. I know all about wandering monsters, torches having a chance of blowing out in the wind, monsters chasing after you if you try to run away, getting lost in the wilderness if you don't have an accurate map or a good guide, listening at doors, etc. Lots of little things that aren't done as much any more but are pretty central to many old-school style games. I automatically do them when I run Microlite74 or other old school fantasy game. However, Justin's post made me realize that many of the people who download and use Microlite74 probably do not -- because I never mention them. I'm working on a number of short rules for these things for Microlite74. They'll be added to the "0e Conventions" section of the rules. They should be in Beta 3 which should be available Sunday or Monday.


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