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Running Swords & Wizardry Mini-Campaign

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We are suspending our long-running Wilderlands Microlite75 for a short mini-campaign set in the Hidden Valley. This will be a playtest for using the house rules incorporated into Microlite75 in Sword & Wizardry so I can write Swords & Wizardry supplement I promised a few weeks ago. I estimate this mini-campaign will last 4 to 6 weeks.

For those interested, this campaign will be centered around a village in the Hills of M'nor near Braster House. Braster House is the home of a line of necromancers. Yvonne, the great-great-great-grandaughter of the Necromancer Braster has supposedly taken up the black arts of her ancestors and for the past twenty years none who have attempted to visit Brastor House have returned -- or at least returned sane. Now, the mayor of the village of closest village to Brastor House, Bleak Stones, has suddenly received a summons to meet with Yvonne at Brastor House. Needless to say, he is bringing some of the village's most able youths with him as guards: the PCs. Despite the setup, this is a standard sandbox, the PCs will be able to do anything they want (including trying to run far away rather than go, although given the message was delivered by a group of zombies who have surrounded the town running far away might be harder than going). The mayor? Father Geoff is a "powerful" third level cleric. He's also in his late 60s.


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