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D&D is Dead?

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Dr Rotwang made this announcement on his blog, I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow yesterday.

D&D Is Dead.

You hear-uh, read me: D&D is dead.


Dead dead dead dead dead.

How can I say such a thing? Am I out of my MIND?! Am I just trolling? Do I even know what I'm talking about?

Go read his post -- you know you want to.

My opinion: I think he may be right.

Microlite74 Version 2.0 for the Nook and the Kindle

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I now have a Nook. It's the basic (and inexpensive) model. I find it somewhat convenient for reading free books -- much better than sitting at my desktop PC and reading them. I've done a quick conversion of Microlite74 and both supplements to the .epub format used by the Nook. I saved the doc files in Filtered HTML format from Word, then I converted the result to an .epub file with the freeware program Calibre. Then I edited the result in another freeware program (Sigil) to try to clean things up a bit.

The results aren't perfect. Some major headings ended up on pages by themselves and the spells-per-level tables from the first supplement look weird, but the end result are three epub format books that seem to work well on my Nook. I need to find time to do some research on how to improved them, but for 90 minutes work what I have is not bad. If you have a Nook (or other e-reader that uses standard epub files), you can download a zip file with Microlite74 and both supplements in epub format from Mediafire here:

Microlite74 in epub format (zip file -- about 404k)

Unfortunately, the popular Amazon Kindle does not read standard epub format files. It will read .mobi files -- or so I'm told. I've used Calibre to convert the above epub files to mobi format. Unfortunately, I have no idea how well this worked as I do not have a Kindle to test them with. However, the mobi conversion is available from Mediafire here:

Microlite74 in mobi format (completely untested) (zip file -- about 688K)

Whilke the conversion is not perfect, if you have an ebook reader and like Microlite74, you will probably want to give these a try. As usual, they are free.

Microlite75: Pep Spell Correction

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I've just had an error in the description of 1st level Arcane Spell "Pep" pointed out to me. The description is missing a sentence: "Can only affect a given target once per day."

Pep is supposed to be a spell version of the "second wind" optional rule, not the endless supply of hit points the incomplete description currently in the rules turns it into. Apologies for not catching this major error. Thanks and a tip of the GM Hat to Eponymous for bringing it to my attention.