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Microlite75 Playtest Version 0.90 (Final Draft) Available

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What I sincerely hope is the final playtest draft of Microlite75 is now available for download from Mediafire. Each book is about 250K and is in PDF format.

Players' Book

GM's Book

There are a large number of typo corrections and minor changes from playtesting through these rules. There are, however, few major changes. I've added rules for gnomes and half-orcs, changed the optional weapon damage tables, added optional minimum strength rules for weapons, added the standard OGL20 range system as an option for use when exact distances are known (e.g. for those who want to use minis and battlemats), added a handful of new spells, added optional rules for "no level advancement" campaigns, and tried to clarify the fighting class/arcane class concept so that it is very clear which classes are in which group.

Microlite75 now going to move to the proofreading and final error checking phase. I do not plan to make any more rules changes or additions. Unless some major issue is suddenly discovered, Microlite75 is now "rules-complete." There is (finally) light at the end of the tunnel. (I just hope it's not a train.)

Coming Soon: Microlite75 Version 0.9

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Better late than never, I guess. The final draft (I hope) of Microlite75 should be out in a day or two. Real life has kept me very busy over the last month, as the complete lack of posts here has probably indicated. I have, however, been slowly plugging away at Microlite75, including more playtesting of the new saving throw system, combat, monks, and weapons.

The new saving throw system remains almost unchanged. We tried one complete alternative and several modifications to the current system and what is there really does seem, to work well. Some are still uncomfortable with the CHA-based Presence save because it does not seem as broad as the other three saves. It works and saving throw equality just isn't a major design goal. It's one of those things that make people who thing mathematical balance is important happy, but really does not affect gameplay that much except for those who like to min-max their characters. Microlite75 isn't a great game for min-maxers. I can live with that.

Combat and the Monk class have both been tweaked a little based on comments in the forum that lead to some more testing. The optional weapon tables have been completely redone and the concept of minimum strength has been added. If a character does not have the minimum strength necessary to wield a weapon, the character is at -1 to hit for every point of strength he lacks.

I've also added a few spells from my own house rules that players particularly like. I haven't added nearly as many as some wanted, however. Most might not fit other campaigns.

There have been other very minor changes as well, mostly typo corrections. With any luck, this will be the final draft and I can move to proofreading and publication. The game is already months behind my planned schedule.