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Microlite75: An Update

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Between my mother passing away a month ago and a mostly do-it-yourself kitchen remodel, I'm afraid I haven't had a lot of time to post here. My Microlite75 Wilderness campaign picked up again after a couple of weeks break where I got to play T&T instead of GM.

Unfortunately, we've discovered a few things we aren't very happy with in the current draft of Microlite75. I had really hoped 0.60 would be the final draft version, but I've resigned myself to at least one more. There aren't many problems, but the ones their are seem to be show-stoppers. For example, my players aren't happy with the new saving throw system. While it works better than the OGL3.x standard system for old school gaming, there are some problems with it that we are attempting to resolve.

I've also decided that there needs to be some additional advice for the GM about differences between M75 old school and standard 3.x. For example, M75 assumes that armor classes range only from 5 (-5 cursed armor) to 30 (the old school AC of -10). ACs outside this range will not work well. This is "obvious" to those familiar with the original old school games, but there is no way a new GM would know this and it is poor rules-writing to assume he would know it.

I hope to have the -- hopefully -- truly final draft of Microlite 75 out by the end of October. I'm now aiming for a before Christmas release of the official "1.0" version. This is only five or six months later than planned.