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Microlite20 OSS (Old School Style) Advanced Edition Available

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The first playtest draft (version 0.8) of Microlite20 OSS Advanced Edition is now available for download. Like the basic edition of Microlite20 OSS, this game is an attempt to make a version of standard 3.x based Microlite20 that is designed to be be played "Old School Style". The basic version is similar to Microlite20 in what it covers. The new advanced version takes the basic rules of Microlite20 OSS adds material from the Microlite20 Expert set (new classes, etc.) and has somewhat expanded combat rules. It also adds Microlite20 skills back to the game, but in a old school manner. A simple talent system is provided for basic mechanical customization of characters. Like Microlite20 OSS basic, you can use most published material from 3.x directly in your game.

This game needs a bit of editing and may have a few additional rules added, but it is 80% to 90% complete now. You can download a free copy of the PDF (about 80K) from Mediafire here: Microlite20 OSS Advanced-0.8.pdf

Comments on the playtest draft are not only welcome but desired.

You can find more on the Microlite20 OSS concept in this post: Microlite20 OSS (Old School Style) Basic Edition Available. The current edition of Microlite20 OSS Basic is available here.

G1 in Tunnels and Trolls Game Report, Part 1

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Okay, the Sunday game is over. As I mentioned yesterday, we played Tunnels & Trolls as a break from my M75 Wilderness game (as I'm just not up to running it at the moment). T&T characters going through a slightly modified version of the old G1 "Hill Giant Steading" module.

After a very rocky start, the session was a blast. The rocky start was half the party getting killed or severely damaged in the entry hall facing two giants. It was the GM's first attempt at T&T and she gave the hill giants far too high of a monster rating. To be fair, T&T 5 doesn't list any monster ratings for any type of giants, so she looked at ogres and made them stronger. This turned out to be a very bad idea. Two 1200 MR giants were a "bit" much, even 8th and 9th level characters -- especially for characters who don't have a lot of over-the-top T&T magic items like those given out in T&T solos.

No harm done, we reset the game to when we were entering the entry hall. This time we managed to dispatch the two giants without waking either of them. Their MRs were apparently much more reasonable. LOL. We pressed onward. I'll press onward with the story tomorrow (or the next day depending on real life), but now I have to clean up the play area and get the trash out to the curb.

G1 in Tunnells & Trolls

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As I'm still not feeling like running my Wilderlands campaign this weekend (see Delay of Game: Reality Intrudes), one of my players has volunteered to run the classic D&D module G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief in Tunnels & Trolls! This should be fun. I'm going to play Grog the Lucky, 9th level Warrior with a great big two-headed axe and a high Luck attribute. I'm looking forward to it.

Time and Learning New Roleplaying Games


I just don't have the time to learn many new games well enough to play them, let alone GM them, any more. I'm 53, and have work, a house to maintain, family, and other non-gaming activities that all require my time and effort. Time for gaming is very scarce. I'd rather spend that time playing games rather than learning yet another new and different system -- especially a multi-hundred page set of rules.

I can run TSR D&D, Classic Traveller, Call of Cthulthu/Stormbringer (and other BRP style games) and Marvel Superheroes almost without having the rule books at the table, so why not run them rather than spend time learning yet another new system? I can make an exception for very rules-lite games, but other than that I just can't make myself bother.

This is true for playing as well as running them. If the players really need to buy the book and learn the rules to play, then I really don't have the time. That's what I like about many old-school games, you could play without reading the rules, let alone learning them or "mastering" them.

I know this isn't what the gaming industry wants to hear, but I suspect a lot of people are in the same boat I am or will be as they age and acquire more and more time-consuming responsibilities. The constant churn of rules may not be in the long term best interests of the gaming industry even if it does produce profits over the short term. Think about it, I could go to the store and buy the same game of Candy Land, Life, or Monopoly I played (rules-wise, at least) as a child and play them with my niece and nephew. However, with the exception of a very few games like Call of Cthulhu, I can't do that with the RPGs I played in the 1970s and 1980s. Even staples like D&D are so different (rules-wise) now that they might as well be different games.

Delay of Game: Reality Intrudes

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I've been missing the past week or so and probably will be for another week or two. My 90 year old mother came down with pneumonia last week and passed away yesterday. I haven't been in much of a mood for gaming or discussing gaming and it will probably take me a couple of weeks to get back in the swing of things.

RIP Ruth Marie Stukey (22 June 1920 - 2 September 2010). She was a wonderful person, a great mother, and she had 90 good years. Here she is on her 90th birthday last June (my sister took the picture).