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Blog Problems and Campaign Updates

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I haven't posted in the last week because I've been having major problems with Blogger -- specifically, it's editor. Editing was normal so long as you did not preview or post. Line and paragraph breaks showed up fine while editing, but I'd publish the post and go from many paragraphs to one massive, unreadable block of text. It seems to be working right today, hence this post. However, I'm seriously thinking of moving this blog to the Retroroleplaying main site and running it through Drupal if this happens again.

I haven't had a campaign update in a few weeks. I'll try and post one today or tomorrow. For a brief summary, the players decided their characters would stay and defend the town (as they did not have to defend the vampires). (See Evil Vs Evil -- with the Party In the Middle) Things went so-so as they had trouble identifying the hired assassin/vampire hunter. The vampire hunter ended up capturing two children from the vampire-run school -- the son of one powerful area noble and the daughter of another -- in an attempt to draw the vampires out. They had to rescue them from the vampire hunter. They could not catch him in the process but they at least identified him and were later able to drive him away. They got a reward, an abandoned manor they can use as a HQ, from the father of one children they rescued. This, of course, turned out to have some drawbacks no one expected....

Anonymous said...
August 17, 2010 at 1:22 PM  

I was having the same problem with Blogger, but only on certain posts I was editing and scheduling. I still haven't figured why it was doing it.

Interesting campaign summary. Looking forward to more.


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