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Evil Vs Evil -- with the Party In the Middle

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I've been asked for occasional updates on my Sunday Microlite75 campaign. Unfortunately, I don't do these well. However, I will try to provide one every once in a while.

This session started with some general messing about the City-State. The characters were looking for a stolen sword (and the thief who snagged it). They were not having much luck and finally stopped at the Red Axe Inn that evening for crocodile steaks. While there they were approached by a gentleman recruiting guards for a magic school. The party thought he meant one in the City-State and were surprised to find themselves magically whist away he they agreed to take the job.

They found themselves in a huge old manor in a heavily forested valley. They were taken to the headmaster where they learned this was an exclusive school for young mages of noble birth and that several of the teachers had been threatened with assassination over a very old grudge. They were being hired, not to protect the teachers as they could take care of themselves, but to protect the town that supported the school with food and supplies. The assassin hired had a history of killing innocents to confuse things and give himself opportunities to slay his real targets.

They are taken fed, meet the teachers and students, and taken into town later that night where they are put up in the towns two inns. They met the town guardsmen who are put under their command. They take watches with the guards that night and plan their defensive strategy the next day. Several weeks go by with only false alarms, (and one fight with a huge bear where they save several townspeople) but the characters are becoming suspicious of the school. From odd bits they pick up from townspeople, they learn that the instructors are part of some magical immortality cult and many live for hundreds of years. Investigating, they discover that most of the instructors are vampires. Worse, the townspeople know this and serve them willingly in the hope of gaining immortality (that is, becoming a vampire). The expected assassin is a infamous vampire hunter, one who follows a twisted and evil god of death who hates undead even more than he hates the living and will kill anyone and everyone if needed to get to and destroy vampires.

Now the players have a choice. Do they help the evil-by-definition vampires who hired them or the apparently even more evil vampire hunter or do they quietly slip out of town and try to travel a few hundred miles back to the City-State or...?

They have this week to decide.

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Anonymous said...
July 13, 2010 at 9:19 AM  

Nice horns of a dilemma to catch the characters on. It will be interesting to see which way they jump.

Randall said...
July 14, 2010 at 2:19 PM  

There is currently a lot of what to do discussion on the campaign mailing list. This is one nice thing about have a large number of players in the game, something like this generates great deal of discussion.

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