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Microlite75: The Adventurer Class

I've had a request for an optional Adventurer class for Microlite75. The Adventurer class meant to be the only class used (at least by Player Characters) in the game. It is intended to be used in more swords-and-sorcery style campaigns where magic is fairly rare and actual wizards and other magic using specialists are even less common. It's a generic class that can do just about anything. Here is the Microlite75 description:

Adventurers can wear any kind of armor, can use all weapons and may use shields. Physical Combat Bonus is equal to their class level/3, round up. Magical Combat Bonus is equal to their class level/3, round up. Experience Base is 30. They add +1 to all attack and damage rolls. This increases by +1 at 4th level and every four levels thereafter. They can cast spells from scrolls at the normal HP cost plus 1HP for every bonus point of armor they are wearing. They can use all magic items. They can permanently learn a spell from a scroll by expending XP equal to the HP cost to cast the spell.

Adventurers do not the class level/2 physical combat bonus that fighting classes normally get in Microlite75 to further the gritty and dangerous feel of swords and sorcery. Monsters will seem even more dangerous this way. However, as all characters will be Adventurers able to wear all the armor they wish and use any weapon, the additional monster advantage will really be fairly small. Using the optional Talents and/or the optional Advantages and Disadvantages rules in M75 will allow some mechanical customization of characters for those groups who want this. Special thanks to "Bad John" for requesting this and having the patience to explain what he wanted and why when I couldn't quite figure it out.

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