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OUBLIETTE 1 & OD&DITIES 14: New Old School Magazine Issues

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Two magazines aimed at old school roleplaying have released issues recently. One is a brand new magazine, the other is the second new issue of a revived magazine.

OUBLIETTE Issue 1 from Gold Piece Publications dells for $2.00 in PDF format.

OUBLIETTE - A monthly magazine for old school fantasy roleplayers.

32 jam-packed pages including: a 10 page adventure, new rules, original fiction, reviews, artwork and more ...

Plus 2 free sheets of stand-up, full-colour figures to supplement the adventure.

Written for Labyrinth Lord but also ideal for use with any Basic/Expert/Advanced original or clone with little or no adjustment required.
This issue includes articles like Developing House Rules for Labyrinth Lord and Halfling Proof Fense, an adventure for Labyrinth Lord.

The second new issue of Od&dities (number 14) is also available for $2 in PDF format.
The second issue of the OD&DITIES relaunch, number 14! Containing 25 pages of old-school material, including an in-depth look at the old stalwart of many a campaign, the Thief. Learn why you can't turn your back on him! Also a new class, the nefarious Puppeteer, and much more!
Good stuff at rational PDF prices.


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