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4E Classic Revisited

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A few days ago I posted about Necromancer Games plans to do a 4E Classic -- trying to bring some old school goodness to 4E. I was skeptical about their ability to pull this off. I still am skeptical as 4E seems to have deliberately removed almost everything "old school" from the game. However, I've been reading the 4E Classic board at the Necromancer Games message board and I am very impressed with the level of discussion. It is one of the only places I've found on the Internet where old school D&D grognards and 4e players and fans seem to be able to discuss their different opinions of how things should be in a civilized manner -- that is with the focus on the issues instead of on silly personal attacks or disinformation/FUD about what various editions were actually like. My compliments to the folks running Necromancer Games and the board's moderation staff for pulling this off.


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