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Megadungeon Creation Slam on Swords & Wizardry Forums

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Mythmere has announced a Megadungeon Slam on the Swords and Wizardry forums with the objective of creating a 20 level megadungeon in 48 hours from Tuesday at 9AM until Thursday at 9AM. Unfortunately, I have cancer follow-ups for my wife and other appointments I can't break filling up most of my time Tuesday through Friday of this week, so I will not be participating, but I can't wait to see the results.

Mythmere's announcement:

The game's objective: create a 20 level megadungeon in 48 hours from Tuesday at 9AM until Thursday at 9AM. Some advance preparation can take place today, mainly organizational and pre-start map generation.

Results of the Game: The megadungeon will be released as an S&W download for $1 and on Lulu, to generate funds for this website. Editing will probably be necessary after the fact.

Rules: I'm a player, but I won't take much of a leading role. Organization and methods of approaching the creation of the dungeon are all left to the players in the game. Pre-preparation of maps is permitted, as is organization by the players. Tuesday from 9AM to 9PM is RESERVED for levels 1-5 and levels 15-20. Levels 6-14 don't open for development until Wednesday at 9AM.

Requirements: A cross-sectional map. A history or at least an introduction to the dungeon. No surface works. Maps must be finally rendered in DungeonCrafter 1.41 if possible (this keeps maps consistent in format, using an easy program that's available for free). Must use the Dragonsfoot old school tiles, plus any new tiles generated during the slam. Stat blocks must be in the S&W format from the Monstrer Compendium. New monsters, monsters from the compendium, and monsters on the Monster Project board can all be used. Artwork may be included, with NO requirements as to high quality (especially since some traps or tricks may require diagrams).

I will put up the forum now, at the bottom of the board. [Linked here -- RSS]

BEGIN with any pre-preparation, and begin letting everyone you know know about this game. Your success as players may depend upon having as many players as possible.


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