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Chgowiz's One Page Dungeon Templates

Chgowiz has produced a "dungeon sheet" -- a one sheet dungeon template. The top of the page has a grid to draw a small dungeon (or area of a larger dungeon) and an area for a map key and any needed tables (e.g. wandering monsters) to the right of the map area. The bottom half of the page is for your room key. While this room key area is far too small for the stat blocks needed for WOTC versions of D&D, it has plenty of space for room descriptions and monster stats for older versions of D&D (and retro-clones) as well as for games like Microlite20 and Microlite74.

This is a wonderful idea that is as useful as the old Judge's Guild Campaign Hex System was for outdoor mapping. More useful, in fact, as there is room for map keys and location descriptions on the sheet. The small area covered by the map may seem like a limit, but it is actually a plus for me. I can complete a dungeon area this size in about an hour -- and a complete small dungeon (or completed section of a larger one) is far more useful in play than the huge dungeon one never has time to complete.

You can find the link to a zip file with Word and Openoffice versions of the template linked from Chgowiz's blog in this post: One Page Dungeon Level Templates. There's also a link there to pdf of an example dungeon to show how to use the template: The Wizard's Ruined Tower, Level 1.

Great work, Chgowiz! Like the above mentioned Judge's Guild Campaign Hex System, this is something I'll probably still be using years from now.


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