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Hidden Valley Towns II (Hidden Valley Setting, Part X)

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Cities and Towns in the Hidden Valley

Longpoint (pop 1700, Girwyllan)

Longpoint used to be the midpoint on a road to Byrne, but the bridges to Byne were magically destroyed during the Kinstrife and never rebuilt. The road between Longpoint and Byrne is now little more than a hard to follow trail. Longpoint is the main staging ground for expedition into the Fens and several small merchant houses specialize in product than can only be found in or made from things found in the Fens. Sir Gillford is Lord Mayor of Longpoint, but he allows an elected council to do most of the ruling. He despises Baron Eden of Thornhold.

Arquay (pop 6070, Girwyllan)

Arquay is a thriving agricultural center centering the towns and farms in the central Goodlands. It is also the home of the Moon Waters Monastery, noted for its healing waters and well-trained medical monks. Arquay is ruled by the Imperial Baron Arquay. The current baron is an elderly man who is well-liked by the people and his subject knights. Unfortunately, his health is failing and people worry than his only child, Elizabeth, is more interested in her many bed partners than she is in the welfare of the lands she will soon inherit.

Ost Caves (pop 4300, Girwyllan)

This town is named for the huge cavern system east of town. The upper caverns are used to farm mushrooms and other fungus. Passages to the deeper areas are well guarded as several times most years horrible creatures come up from below. According to legend the caverns continue downward to the edge of hell itself. The town is also noted for its spring festival which features athletic contests or all types. Ost Caves has been governed by a council of area knights since the death of the last Baron Druse over 60 years ago.


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