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Adventure Module BL1-2? This Looks Good

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I stumbled on this on the web site of Roll for Surprises! -- a company I've never heard of before. This looks very good -- it will apparently be available for free download in PDF form and in hardcopy from Lulu.

Adventure Module BL1-2: The Ruined Hamlet/Terror in the Gloaming

Into the Unknown! The wilderness around the cave stronghold called Gold Hill Trading Post is dangerous and scattered with ruins of large and small settlements. Will your party find fame and fortune, solve ancient mysteries, or just disappear into the Borderlands like so many that came before?

This module contains underground and wilderness maps that form a detailed adventure and mini-campaign for beginning characters, including an abandoned village, haunted graveyard, ruined church, traders' camp, wilderness encounters, and monster lairs. It also includes a ruined keep and dungeon, as well as a mapped and detailed "base camp" stronghold.

For new characters, levels 1-2. 60 pages.

Download Version Coming Soon!
[In final layout 9/1/08]
I can't wait to see this.


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