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Hidden Valley Towns I (Hidden Valley Setting, Part IX)

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Cities and Towns in the Hidden Valley

Goldcrest (pop 3500, Irillion)

A large town serving as a base and rest and recreation area for a large number of mining camps in the mountains. It has a very "wild west" flavor. The town is governed by a council of mining company representatives.

Byrny (pop 1600, Irillion)

This town at the edge of the Arlynn Fens was originally a fortification separating the Irillion controlled area of the valley from the Empire. A market town grew up around it and remained long after the need for the fortification ended. The fort is in ruins, its stones used to built the town's excellent walls.

Wood Edge (pop 2000, Irillion)

This is a sleepy town on the edge of the Thornewood. It's the main staging area for merchants heading from Irillion to the Empire by way of the Thornewood. It is governed by the decendants of Ejay Buckwood who founded the town.

Thornhold (pop 5700, Girwyllan)

This thriving town is called the Gateway to Irillion and is the staging center for merchants heading to Irillion. Taxes on merchants are heavy, but only apply to good actually brought into or through the town. Unfortunately, bandits can make it hard on merchants to do not avail themselves of the town's walls (and pay the heavy taxes). Some think some of the bandits are actually in the employ of the Empire, or at least the Imperial Baron Eden who rules the town.

Forverol (pop 4300, Girwyllan)

This town is agricultural center serving farms and villages in this part of the Goodlands. The town is governed by Imperial Baron Forverol whose family has governed here for hundreds of years. Villages in the Goodlands closer to Forverol than to any other major town serve under the Baron -- who has appointed them directly since the death of the last Tribune. The current Baron pays necessary lip service to the vacant Imperial throne, but otherwise ignores it.


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