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Hidden Valley Setting, Part VI

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Places in the Hidden Valley, Continued

Twin Peaks

A twin peaked mountain that separates the Vale of Girwyllan from the the Black Forest. There are no truly reliable reports of the southernmost peak ever being successfully scaled.

Unicorn Lake

This large icy lake is fed by Swithan's River and drains into an underground river. The entrance to the latter was partially closed in the earthquake which ended the reign of Tribune Glisa over 280 years ago, which resulted in the lake expanding to its present size. Large water serpents are sometimes seen in the deeper sections (sometimes with blue-skinned humanoid riders) and an old legend tells of a gate somewhere in its depths to the Plane of Elemental Water.

Unicorn's Horn Mountain

This mountain is so named because its high peak resembles a unicorn's horn when seen from the south. According to legend, the "tip of the horn" is the home of a minor godling. No one has ever been able to reach the peak as the winds and weather prevent climbing or safe flight and the peak itself somehow prevents magical attempts like teleport or even scrying.

Vale of Girwyllan

Before the Great Exodus, this was the best farmland in the valley and is the former heart of the Girwyllan Empire. Currently, the soil seems poisoned and it is overrun by goblins, orcs, trolls, and other nasty humanoids under the control of a powerful being known only as the Shade. A line of small forts separates the Vale of Girwyllan from the rest of the Hidden Valley. This have not been completely occupied (or even maintained in some cases) since the Kinstrife.

Vale of Morin

This valley is a large high manna region within the Thornewood. It is very hard to find and once found, even harder to leave -- or so it is said. According to the writings of the Archmage Irisinholm, it is always summer in the Vale of Morin and strange magical plants and animals are abundant (most of which will not survive long outside of the Vale). It is the home of an aloof tribe (or tribes? or ancient civilization?) of amazons, the Nyghteen People, who have a culture and religion alien to the rest of the valley and who, like other living things in the Vale of Morin, often manifest strange powers.


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