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Hidden Valley Setting, Part V

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Places in the Hidden Valley, Continued

The Ring

This is a large, tall plateau shaped somewhat like an elongated ring. The top is barren and broken. Due to the creatures that live within it, the lower central section is thought to have some underground connection with the Doompit. Flying above the open central section of the Ring, approximately level with the top of the plateau) are four of the Hidden Valley's famous "flying mountains". The writings of Irisinholm report five flying mountains, no one knows what happened to the fifth one. Before the Kinstrife and the plagues, Irillion maintained a large fortress on the south edge of the Ring overlooking the city below for a unit of hippogriff cavalry. The haunted ruins of this fortress still remain.

Ruins of Girwyllan

Also called Old Girwyllan, this is the ruins of the former capital of the Girwyllan Empire. It was attacked and destroyed during the Great Exodus from the Doompit -- and some of the invading humanoids made it their new home. Treasure hunters with more greed than common sense still head for Old Girwyllan to loot its fabled riches. Fewer than 1 in 20 return, but most of those who do return bring with them enough wealth to keep the flow of treasure seekers coming.

Spider Mountain

This small mountain in Kestral is named for the semi-intelligent giant white spiders that supposedly lived in tribes on its lower slopes in ages past. There is no sign of them today.

Thorn Mountain

This steep mountain at the easternmost edge of the Thornewood is the home of dragon sage Tragaug. Tragaug is known for answering questions for anyone who will pay his high price in gems and/or magic items. He is said to affect a nasty, terrible demeanor, but to actually be fairly friendly with those who know him -- and who are careful not to annoy him. According to some legends, the Archmage Irisinholm supposedly gave him copies of every book he ever found or wrote -- including copies of his spell books.


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