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Hidden Valley Setting, Part IV

Places in the Hidden Valley, Continued

Hidden Lake

This large lake is hidden in the arms of the Outer Mountains. Some say that the Black Abbey, the headquarters for all the thieves and assassins in the Hidden Valley is located on the far shore. Before this part of the valley was overrun by evil humanoids during the Great Exodus, the Hidden Lake supplied much of the fish sold in the old city of Girwyllan. Some brave souls mount fishing expeditions there now. Few return, but those that do often become rich selling Golden Drayfish -- a tasty fish rumored to grant amazing sexual potency and fertility -- that are only found in the Hidden Lake.

Hidden Valley

A huge mountain valley very high in the titanic Nagistii Range on the continent of Ermneda. With only one narrow and dangerous pass allowing communication with the rest of the world, the cultures of the Hidden Valley have developed in isolation from the rest of the planet.

Hills of Choth

This hills are supposedly named for a Dwarven nation who first mined the area. The Hills of Choth are very rough terrain and are inhabited by men, dwarves, halflings, and a few things that have crawled out of the Doompit. The area is rich in metals and other natural resources. Most of the humans living here are involved in mining, but some in southern areas where the hills are more rolling waves in a sea of grass farm. The most unusual feature of the area is the Ring, a high, barren plateau.

Hills of M'nor

Also known as the Black Hills and the Unclean Hills, this entire area has been claimed for years by the descendants of the Necromancer Braster. The line has dwindled in recent years, however, and now Braster House is only occupied by the necromancer's great-great-great-grandaughter, Yvonne, who has apparently returned to her ancestor's arts. At least, as in Braster's time, none who have set out to court her or ask her advice have returned, at least with their minds intact. Much of the around around immediately Braster House is known to be a high mana area. With the dwindled of the Brastor line, the area is being settled again -- just far away from Brastyer House and its undead.


This is a land of rolling hills and light woods. Although technically a part of the Girwyllan Empire, Kestral has always been ruled by directly the Archbishop of Kestral (who is always the Archpriestess of Alturiak) from the city of Pyre. The Sisterhood of the Moon (a powerful fighting/magical/religious order following the teachings of Alinah in her aspect of Moondaughter) is based in Kestral. For the most part, however, Kestral is a pleasant land of farmers. Those living near the Outer Mountains often see and fight off humanoids and other things that come out of the mountains.


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