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Hidden Valley Setting, Part I

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This is the first in a series of posts about one of my two major original campaign settings, the Hidden Valley. The Hidden Valley was a huge valley high in an even larger mountain range. The valley floor was over a mile high and only one pass led into the valley. The valley itself was pretty much cut off from the rest of its world. While the chance of such a thing actually existing is probably fairly low, it made a great campaign setting. I used the basic information I'll be given in posts here in several major campaign and a large number of one-off adventures.

Here's a copy of the 1984 version of the Hidden Valley map -- the version with color. The map shows major features and larger towns and cities. There are lots of villages and small towns in populated areas that aren't shown on this 1 inch equals 100 miles map. I just created them as needed.

Here's the map. Click on it for a much larger version.

In future installments in the Hidden Valley series, I'll post the map key and some info on the deities of the valley -- basically all the information I used for general campaign background. Those used to long and detailed campaign settings will be surprised at how little information I bothered to create on the setting in advance. When I finish, I will probably release a free "Hidden Valley" pdf file with all the information.

One thing you probably need to know upfront, I borrowed the "Tarantis" name from the Judges Guild city, but the "Tarantis" on this map has little else in common with the Judges Guild Tarantis.


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