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1KM1KT RPG Find: Sovereign


I visited the 1km1kt web site for the first time in several months and found a few interesting-looking free RPGs. The first is an interesting riff on the corps of heroes that support a monarch fantasy world, think Lackey's Heralds here, but the world seems a bit more gritty. This is a large game with a 50 page player's book and a 25+ page GM's Guide. It looks somewhat promising, at least as a campaign setting. I haven't looked at the rules closely enough yet to form a solid opinion.


Your parents left you, left you to fend for yourself in the harsh world. Destined for a life of destitution and despair, you had little hope for survival.

The Emperor Rescued You

His servants found you and recognized the faintest sliver of greatness you held. They rescued you, gave you a new home and a new family.

All He Asks for in Return is Loyalty

Trained to be a warrior, to uphold the glory of the Empire. Your discipline is unmatched. Your skills unquestionable. Your word is law, backed by the Emperor himself. All he asks for in return is your unquestioning loyalty. All he asks for in return is that you serve him as a Sovereign.

Sovereign is a low-fantasy game centered on the themes of duty, loyalty, and power. Players take on the roles of Sovereigns. Orphans rescued by the known world’s greatest power, the Empire, Sovereigns are warriors beyond match. They are entrusted with the most dangerous duty in the world, protecting the people from evil and corrupt sorcery, as well as carrying out the will of the Emperor.

Sovereign uses a system that puts the focus and discipline of these warriors at the forefront and contains a setting with a rich backstory. Players should not read the Gamemaster’s Guide as this has the potential to spoil some of the more interesting setting elements.
Download a free copy of Sovereign.


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