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Swords Wizardry Core Rules Available in .doc Format

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Matt has announced that the core rules for Swords & Wizardry -- an OGL retroclone of OD&D with the GH rules -- is now available on Lulu. The .doc format version is designed for those who want to incorporate their house rules directly into the rules book before printing a copy. There are no graphics and this version costs US$1. A free PDF version will be released once the artwork and layout is finished. You can get the .doc version here:


Matt has also made available (at the same URL) the first supplement for S&W: Eldritch Weirdness Book 1. Matt says:

I have also posted an 8 page booklet (6 pages not including cover and legal stuff) with 30 new spells in it. These aren't retreads - all of them are new. It's really up there to accompany the .pdf of the game once that's completed, but if anyone's interested it’s $1.50.


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