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The GSL: My Opinion

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When I woke up this morning, I discovered that my inbox had three emails telling me that WOTC had finally published the GSL terms and wanting me to blog about it. As I have no interest in publishing anything for 4th Edition D&D and I am not a lawyer, I'm not sure why my opinion on the GSL is of any interest to anyone. However, since my opinion apparently is of interest, here goes:

I would not publish anything under the GSL nor allow use of any of my intellectual property in any GSL product.
The GSL simply gives too much permanent control of my creations to WOTC -- even limiting what I can do with my own creations after the termination of the license -- and WOTC can termination the license at any time and even change the terms of the license retroactively. IMHO, anyone who would publish anything (except possibly for throwaway material they think they can make a very quick buck from) either trusts WOTC more than any corporation should be trusted or really hasn't thought through the implications of the terms of the GSL.

Others are doing much more complete analysis of the GSL so I'm not going to bother, but for those who wanted my opinion, y'all have it. I bet it wasn't much of a surprise.


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