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Giant Frogs Aren't Scary

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After much searching though old backup CDs, I finally found the text only version of the original Little Beige Books, Greyhawk, Blackmoor, and Eldritch Wizardry someone had scanned, converted to ascii text, somewhat proofread, and made available on the Internet back in the mid-1990s on a gopher site (the web had barely started). Naturally, it did not stay up long before TSR heard about it and had it removed.

I had forgotten that the scanner/proofreader did not include everything from the Blackmoor supplement. He left out a major portion of the book: the Temple of the Frog adventure. He didn't leave it out because duplicating the maps in ascii would be hard, but because -- let me just quote the read me file:

Sorry, did not scan the temple of the frog stuff in Blackmoor. Too much work for a stupid bunch of giant frogs. Giant frogs? Yes. I said giant frogs. Hip-hop.... Rib-bit... Swallow you alive. Shivering in me pirate boots I am. Silly idea for an adventure. No. Stupid waste of waste of paper. Summary for completeness freaks: Get a map of a big church. Put it in a swamp. Replace altar with big frog statue. Add pools full of giant frogs in the basement. Priests want to sacrifice party to frog statue.

I liked the Temple of the Frog, but it was the first adventure I ever saw written up for D&D. Apparently not everyone finds it as neat and interesting as I did -- and still do. LOL.

What do you think of the Temple of the Frog? Nice adventure or waste of paper?

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