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Microlite20 Needs a Website -- Your Donations Will Help.


Greywulf has decided that he's had enough of the server currently hosting Microlite20 -- which is embarrassingly down more that it is up. He wants to move to a new host/server with a good uptime record and greatly expand the site with features like a Microlite20 message board. He needs at least $90 in donations to pay the server costs for two years. (He's just over 50% of the way there as I write this post.)

Donors will even get a few extra benefits, according to Greywulf,

Donaters will get first-tier access to the site, meaning they can host blogs, write story hours, and post House Rules and Variants directly onto the site. While the exact details aren’t yet set in stone, Donaters will get a level of content control over and above that of regular registered (and unregistered) users.

IMHO, Microlite20 is one of the best things to come out of the OGL and the D20 gamesystem. It's not a retrogame rules-wise, but it is a retro in its style and in the ease in which it can be played and modified. Please donate a few bucks to Greywulf via Paypal so he can get this site off the ground ASAP.

You can find more information on the Microlite20 Fundraiser page of Greywulf's blog.


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