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New Microlite81 Complete Draft (0.40) Available For Donor Download

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Microlite81 Complete Playtest Draft CoverA new draft of Microlite81 Complete is now available for download. Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donors can download this (and all future drafts) at the usual donor download location with the usual password (here's a link to this download: Microlite81 Complete Playtest Draft 0.40)

It's been a long time since I worked on Microlite81 Complete. There did not seem to be much interest in it from either donors or the general public so it has been on the back burner. However, I've had a few people ask how it is coming so I have dusted it off and put some work into the project. The chapter of GM advice is still missing and a number of minor additions need to be made throughout the work, but it is about 75-80% finished. If you aren't a Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donor but would like a copy of this and future drafts (and future drafts of other projects, see this Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund page for info on donating. Remember each $10 donated (starting today) gets you one chance in our next donor giveaway drawing which will include a number of old modules I just picked up as well as other items from my stash.

I just noticed that this is my 697th post. I need to start thinking of something special to post for number 700!

Garage Sale Finds Given to RetroRolePlaying Cancer Fund Donors

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TSR C1 module coverI made an interesting find a garage sale last week. I was headed home from the supermarket when I saw a garage sale that looked like it had some old D&D stuff. Despite having milk in the car I stopped. I was right, I had seen a badly water-damaged AD&D 1e Monster Manual II. I asked if they had anything else and they pulled out a box with about 15 old modules in it and asked a dollar a piece for them. I offered them ten dollars for the lot (all the cash I had on me) and they snapped it up. While all of these modules were in definitely "used" condition, all but one turned out to be complete and quite usable. Collectors would turn up their noses, but they are great playing copies.

A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade
A3 Assault of the Aerie of the Slave Lords
C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan
D1 Descent Into the Depths of the Earth
D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa
DL1 Dragons of Despair
DL3 Dragons of Hope
G1-2-3 Against the Giants
I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City
S1 Tomb of Horrors
S2 White Plume Mountain
S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
T1 The Village of Hommlet

The incomplete/unusable module was a copy of B1 In Search of the Unknown which had been drawn on with crayons and cut up.

There was nothing here that I don't already have so see have been set aside for giveaways. In fact, I had a drawing for five of these modules Sunday (from Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donors who donated for the Microlite81 project my Sunday game last weekend. The winners were:

Anonymous Donor -- DL1 Dragons of Despair
Anonymous Donor -- DL3 Dragons of Hope
Nancy S. -- G1-2-3 Against the Giants
Ralph W. -- I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City
Anonymous Donor -- T1 Village of Hommlet

I'll start an actual fund drive to give the other ten modules and a few other goodies from my stuff away soon. However, any donations to the Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund after this post is published with be eligible for this upcoming giveaway (1 chance per $10 donated, as usual). You can donate via Paypal here.

Free RPG Day: Over 100 Free RPGs on Microlite20.org

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Free RPG Day logoToday, June 20th 2015, is free RPG day. If you do not live near a participating game store, there are a lot of free RPGs available online. RetroRoleplaying.com's new sister site, Microlite20.org, currently hosts over 100 free Microlite20-based roleplaying games with more to come: the original tiny Microlite20 (and some very big and more complete "large" editions), many Microlite20 variants (including science fiction, western, superhero, and other non-fantasy variants and both "new school" and "old school" style games), and of course, my own Microlite74, Microlite78, and Microlite81.

Here are just a few of the games available in the Microlite20.org Download Library that you might want to check out:

  • Microlite20 Tablet Digest Edition 1.0 - a new version of the core Microlite20 rules in a "digest-sized" pdf format designed for ease use on a tablet.
  •  Microlite20 Golden Edition - "This edition wants to transform the minimalist idea of the original Microlite20 in a full and complete Rulebook. While the original 'one page rulesheet' was mainly aimed to already experienced players, the Golden Edition wants to extend the original idea to both new and expert players, giving them a framework that permits to play quickly, freely and virtually everywhere having all the rules and manuals at hand." 
  • Microlite20 Ultimate Costumes - This is a super hero role playing game blend of Microlite 20, Mutants and Masterminds, ICONS and Marvel Super Heroes, for something a little bit like and a little bit different from each. This document only includes character creation rules. Game play rules are the same as in Microlite 20 Purest Essence. Last revised April 15, 2014 
  • Dark Heritage - A Microlite20 variant set in a dark world with Cthuthoid monsters where anyone can learn magic. 
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before - This is a game about a five year mission, a world where special effects never progressed beyond painted Styrofoam blocks and cheap double-exposures. The 70's were still The Future and Klingons had smooth foreheads. The idea of a Star Trek movie was a laughable proposition and nobody thought twice about planets full of Nazis and space hippies.
  • Microlite20 Gunsmoke-n-Goblins - Microlite20 rules for a fantasy version of the old west. Magic, monsters, treasure, guns, and the old west. 
  • SpyLite -  This game is to the spy genre what cotton candy is to your aching, rotten teeth. The goal is to take Greywulf's excellent Microlite system, beat it senseless, and create a game that will do one-tenth of what Spycraft does, but with only one-half the work. And also, world domination. 
  • Microlite20 Swords Against Sorcery - Swords against Sorcery ("SvS") is a distribution (mash-up, blend, whatever) of the Microlite20 game ("M20") aiming for "swords & sorcery" style settings.
  • Microlite20 Fifth v0.3 - "This is a trimmed down, subminiature version of the Fifth Edition of the World’s Most Popular Roleplaying game that has been designed to be quick and easy to play. The goal was to create a simpler game, but one where all of the resources of the Fifth Edition (monsters, spells, adventures and equipment) could be used without conversion." 
  • Microlite 4e - An attempt to do a 4e version of Microlite20 in two pages. 
There are many, many additional games in the Microlite20.org Download  Library including my own Microlite74, Microlite78, and Microlite81 games. They are all free to download and free to play -- totally free games all the time, not just one day a year.

Microlite20 Rules Now Available in a Tablet-Friendly PDF

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Microlite20 logoWhile I'm not much of a tablet (or smartphone for that matter) person, I was given an Acer A1-810. I don't really use it for much more than a fancy ereader to supplement my old nook. I have used it enough to know that using multi-column pdfs is a real pain, even using EBookDroid which can zoom to columns.

I was talking about Microlite20 and my new Microlite20.org unofficial website at my Sunday game a couple of weeks ago. One of my players mentioned that one of his friends runs a because game from his tablet and finds most of the Microlite20 PDFs a real pain to use they are two column. That got me thinking which is always a dangerous thing. Thinking got me to working on a new project. A tablet edition of Microlite20.

This was supposed to be a quick project. Take Microlite20 Purest Essence. Copy the text from it. Paste it into Word and reformat it to one column on a 5.5x8.5 (aka digest-sized) page. Naturally, it didn't work out quite that way. I decided to add quite a bit of the minor variant rules from the first section of the Microlite20 RPG Collection (2012 Edition). The end result is about 90 digest-sized pages and includes all the text from Microlite20 Purest Essence in the main section. This is followed by six appendixes: SRD Skills, Examples, Minor Rules Expansions and Variants, Microlite20 Martial Arts, Microlite20 Psionics, and Mass Combat Made Easy. The volume finishes with a Designer's Notes section with three of Greywulf's articles on Microlite20: "Everything you need to know about the Microlite20 Skill System", Microlite20 Monster Building" and "The Microlite Campaign."

The result, the Microlite20 Tablet Digest Edition 1.0 is now available for download in the Microlite20.org download area. Here is a direct link to the download: Microlite20-Tablet-Digest-Edition-1.0.

Microlite74/78/81 fans: Before you ask, I plan to do all of the Microlite74, Microlite78, and Microlite81 rules books and supplements in this format this year. Once finished, they will probably be released one at a time as various goals are meet in a Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund drive.

New Microlite20 Web Site: Microlite20.org

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Microlite20 logoAs the official Microlite20 website (microlite20.net) has a history of disappearing or being non-functional for various (often long) periods of time, I have created a new (and very unofficial) home for Microlite20 (and all its variants): Microlite20.org.

At the moment, Microlite20.org is a small one page site that briefly explains what Microlite20 is, how to download a copy, how to find the library of supplements and variants, and how to find the Microlite20 group on Facebook. While not a lot, it does provide all the important info in one place that should soon be easy to find via Google. Microlite20.org is a Wordpress site so it should be easy to build up into a real site -- like Microlite20 used to have. It will probably even see the return of a Microlite20 fan forum in the future. Note that I have discussed this new unofficial Microlite20 home page with Seth Drebitko and he has no objections to the project.

Please pass the word to Microlite20 fans that a new unofficial home page for Microlite20 and its many variants is up and should remain up for a long time judging my my track record with other pages I maintain. The address is http://microlite20.org/.

Fourteen New Free Microlite20 Downloads (Including 5e Variants)

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Microlite20 logoI've added a number of new Microlite20 supplements and variants to the download area of the RetroRoleplaying web site. Some of these are brand new, others are updates of older files. Three new Microlite20 "5e" variants are included. Both the downloads and the games are free.

Added: In case you can't figure out how to download files, the links below take you to a file description page where you can see what the file is about. To actually download the file, you then have to click on the file name (just under the blue download name bar and just above the Filesize/Views/Downloads/etc. line -- the file name you need to click on has a file extension --usually .pdf).

Does the World need a "Microlite20 Extended"?

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I have received what appears to me to be a very strange request: that I write an "extended version" of Microlite20. After some back and forth in email with this person (who I will refer to as Jack), I think I finally understand what this means and it is probably something I could do if there is enough interest among people who like 3.x/PF.

First, the request is for longer rules. According to Jack, Microlite20's one page rules really cut the game too much and given the thousands of page of 3.x/PF rules, a game with 10, 20 or even 30 pages of rules would still be "microlite" in comparison. He points to Microlite74 and Microlite81 as examples of how longer rules make the games easily to use but still very lite.

Second, the request is that I adapt my M75/M81 combat rules for this game. Even with some adaptation for 3.x/PF differences, this would provide rules-light, fast combat rules that work without minis and battle mats but still provided enough rules to make combat interesting.

Third, Jack would like more character class details. The classes in Microlite20 really don't make much of an attempt to capture some of the special features of 3.x/PF classes, but writing them up as I did in Microlite81 would allow more of this. Jack admits that classes would still have to be made less complex than their standard 3.x/PF counterparts.

Fourth, replace skills completely -- with with backgrounds like in the Extended version of M75 and M81 or with backgrounds like in 13th Age.

Fifth, add options and modules like I have in M75 and M81 so that the same basic rules could be used in alternate ways.

Sixth, base things more on the Pathfinder SRD than the 3.x SRD.

This looks doable -- if there is enough interest. There are two ways to show interest: tell me you are interested in comments or email (shows basic interest), telling me you are interested with a donation to the Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund (shows a lot of interest and makes my wife more willing to tolerate the project). I'm not interested enough in this myself to just do it for one person, but if others are really interested in seeing something like this, I would find the project interesting enough to do it.